Mindful Tales of Fun Run Trails and Big Fish Tails

How the tales came about

People ask me what I think about during those endless long runs – don’t I get bored? I wish I always had friends to join me, so we can chat about life and share ideas as our feet pound the ground mile after mile. But sadly, schedules and lifestyles don’t always align and I often find myself alone with my thoughts. Yes, I certainly burn the crazy and let the steam out. But sometimes I simply focus on my body posture, breathing and technique. There are days where I let music guide my pace. Other times, I have deep problem solving thoughts, you know, when you think you can change the world. But mostly, I ponder on my life and narrate stories in my head. Trail adventures, epic road runs, wildlife encounters, race debriefs and, yes, big fish stories. These are my tales I wish to share with friends, family and other running adventures lovers.