Meet Let Her Run


Trans-Canada Highway Lookout above Vermilion Lakes, with one of the interpretive panels I designed (Banff National Park, Alberta)

Let ‘er run!!! I heard my boyfriend yell. My rod was deeply bent, tip under water as a strong pull came from the end of my line. There was a massive fish on! The proper thing to do would have been to give some slack and let things play out until the trout would tire out and let itself be led to the net. But I stubbornly attempted to quickly reel in my prize – no way was I letting that beast get away – and in a final spectacular jump, the fish snapped the line and freed itself. Game over.

I won’t lie, there were tears. A sentiment of shame mixed with disappointment as I processed the incident of “the one that got away”. Landscape features were jokingly renamed Cry Baby Point and Big Lip Beach. That day, lessons that would eventually make me a better angler were learned. Interestingly,  it’s the phrase let ‘er run that stuck with me most. First, because running is an essential part of my physical and mental health, and general well-being. Let me run and I am happy. But I also see a parallel between my running and how one has to successfully reel in a large fish. It’s about balance. And taking chances. Knowing when to go hard and when to back off. Too much tension can break a fishing line just as overtraining may bring an injury that will set you back or crush your goal. Proper strategy, hard work, patience and skill allow one to collect the reward – whether a trophy fish or a PB.


Alpine run on Pharaoh Peak with two rad runners from the Bow Valley, Emily and Ruchel (Banff National Park, Alberta)

I am no elite athlete. And I certainly am not an amazing writer. But I am a creative spirit who loves outdoor adventures and sharing stories. I have made my home in Banff, a small mountain community in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, where I work as a professional illustrator and graphic design artist. I like to spend my free time running, both on roads and trails, and, when I get the chance, go chase some big fish.

This website is about sharing running (and fishing) images and tales from my spectacular backyard (and beyond) as well as featuring my artwork, which I hope you will enjoy.


I went back to Cry Baby Point the following year and landed the lake record (Secret Spot, British Columbia)